Funeral Services

Chain O Ponds – Serving Kempsey Families For Six Generations and Over 120 Years

Arranging a funeral can be a difficult time; our staff appreciate this and offer caring experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. We also understand that people can be confused or have different needs. Rest assured the first person you speak with will be able to assist.


Arranging this final farewell does not have to be a daunting prospect. Our caring staff are on call 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK to guide you through what can appear to be a maze of arrangements both wanted by you and required by others.


RELIGIOUS & CULTURAL NEEDS can be fulfilled by us so you’re secure that funeral funeral planning matches your needs.  Please call us to find out examples of how we have helped families in the past.


There are many options with a funeral. Talk to our helpful team about what other families have done; there are MANY OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE aside from those listed below.

Funeral Services

Our Selection of Coffins and Caskets

How do you choose a coffin or a casket? A simple starting point is the advice we have given for generations: consider the shape, colour, materials and fittings. When choosing the shape, you may notice that a coffin is tapered at the head and the foot, whilst a casket has an uncomplicated rectangular shape.


Find our selection of coffins and caskets here (6.5MB PDF)


Cremation Options

For many years, a majority of families have chosen cremation. There are different options when it comes to cremation.


Sometimes a family has a service in our chapel followed by a private cremation. Another family might choose a public service in a church or other location, followed by a service at our crematorium for immediate family members. Others choose to have a service at the crematorium. On occasion, a family chooses to have a memorial service with a private cremation.


We have a dignified approach to any funeral where cremation is chosen. We care for our families locally in Kempsey; some Kempsey funeral directors will often transport loved ones to an interstate crematorium. Given our concern for all families we serve, it is our long standing policy to keep cremated remains indefinitely, awaiting specific instruction from families; some we have had since 1890.

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Chapel Options

Filled with a sense of peace and comfort many of our Chapels look over onto our own beautiful private gardens. Our chapels:


• Are a private space where you won’t feel rushed and where the service can be more personalised.


• Include large screens to display treasured photos and modern sound systems for every spoken memory or musical tribute to be heard clearly.


• Are spacious and comfortable, some accommodating up to 150 people seated and a further 300 standing in the overflow areas.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Customised & Unconventional Options

Some families have opted for customised and unconventional options. This is either to do with the location of the service or what happens in the service. Such options that families have chosen, for example, include:


• A service in a private garden because a loved one enjoyed the flowers in their garden. Others prefer a river or beach because of the beautiful views they can offer. Some may want a themed funeral or have live music. In a private service a while after a funeral and cremation, some have scattered the ashes at sea.


• Other families have elements of the service which are very personalised. One displayed a kitchen cabinet door against which the grandchildren had been measured their growth over the years. Others have chosen to write or paint on the coffin.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Family Car Options

Sometimes families prefer to simply focus on the funeral and not be concerned about transport and traffic to and from the service. If you wish to be chauffeur-driven to the funeral, there are a number of vehicles that we can offer you, please contact us to find out what is available.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Hearse Options

We have several hearses that your family may choose from, such as:


• Our Horse Drawn Hearse which was originally crafted in the 1820s in Holland with Baltic Pine axles made in England. It was restored by a Castlemaine coach-builder in the 1990s.


• Our modern hearses have been designed by our team and won an accolade for its design as a seamlessly integrated and elegant vehicle.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Keepsake Options

Families have often found that having our in-house team prepare keepsake options makes things easier, adding a beautiful finishing touch to the ceremony. We are able to provide:


• Tailored Orders of Service and Bookmarks that suit the photos and content provided; none are made to a template.


• Various memorial or signature books options.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Audio-visual Options

Different audio-visual options can bring people together to share precious moments.


• Families have found our DVD presentations memorable, long after the funeral. Often they include many treasured photos set to a favourite piece of music.


• Web Casting can help those who are unable to attend to take part. It also allows for family and friends who did attend to relive the beautiful moments of a funeral service.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Closing Options

The way a funeral is finished can last in people’s minds.


• Sometimes it is an uplifting piece of music, such as Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus or a hymn or song that a family knows well.


• Other families choose to release balloons or doves or butterflies.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Refreshment Options

Our refreshments provide an opportunity for family and friends to be together and to reflect on what your loved one meant to them.


Light refreshments can be served following the service in the areas adjoining our Chapels or at another location.

  • Funeral Services
  • Funeral Services

Cultural Options

Religious and cultural needs can be fulfilled by us so you’re secure that funeral planning matches your needs.


If you are wanting to send a loved one overseas, we have internal specialists with extensive global experience.


International Repatriation

If you are wanting to organise to send your loved one overseas, back home to their place of birth, we have internal specialists with extensive global experience.  We have access to a large network of funeral directors around the world offering best practice.


Many families have been relieved that we have been able to help them with their requests, no matter how difficult it may seem to them. We have successfully repatriated loved ones from areas affected by natural disasters. Families have also asked us to return their loved ones to countries affected by internal conflict.